Casa Chimayo New Mexican Restaurant, Santa Fe, NM dinner menu featuring Northern New Mexican cuisine specialties
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“Comida De Nueva Espana”


guacamole en molcajete (gf)
Made to order with avocados, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, and cilantro. Drizzled with sweet corn relish and accompanied by chips and salsa.
chile en nogada (gf)

plantain mole enchilada (v)
Mole enchiladas filled with plantains, and queso fresco; adorned with a drizzle of crema mexicana and sesame seeds.
farmer's tomato salad (gf, v)
Sliced heirloom tomatoes and queso fresco are drizzled with a light vinaigrette.
ensalada de casa (gf, v)
Farmer’s market greens in our house vinaigrette.
pueblo tortilla soup
Tortilla strips in chicken broth with vegetables.
mercedes’ posole
Prize-winning red chile, hominy and pork stew often served when celebrating life's blessings.
severo’s green chile stew
Tender pork simmered in roasted green chiles, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.


el comanchero
Cooked to order rib-eye is served a wine demi glace, and red chile sauce. Accompanied by a red chile cheese enchilada, and calabacítas.
pollo en chile caríbe
Grilled chicken is served with a red chile caríbe demi glace, pueblo pudding, and quelítes (seasonal).
pollo en chipotle
Chicken is marinated in chipotle then grilled and served with pueblo pudding and rice.
pollo en mole rojo
Our grilled chicken is adorned with a rich móle sauce made with chile, peanuts,
chocolate, and spices. Served with calabacítas and rice.
plato de truchas
This boneless rainbow trout is dusted with corn flour to make a delicate crust.
Served with pueblo corn pudding and sauteed quelítes (in season).
carne adovada
Tender pork marinated in red chile and spices, then slow-cooked to perfection. Served with frijoles de la olla, rice and tortilla.
chile relleno (v)
A poblano pepper filled with queso asadero, lightly battered and fried. Adorned with your choice of chile and accompanied by beans, rice, and tortilla..
nuevo mejico lamb chops
Local grass-fed NM lamb is grilled and served with red chile demi glace sauce, quelítes (seasonal), beans, chicos, and red chile.
These fajítas are prepared on the grill; served with guacamole, crema mexicana, salsa fresca, and your choice of tortillas.

vegetables ...... $16.00
chicken ............ $19.00
steak ................ $21.00
lamb ................. $22.00

Combos include choice of chile: red, green, christmas or our mild ranchero sauce.
No substitutions please!

rio chiquíto
Choose from our homemade red chile pork, or green chile vegetable with goat cheese tamales. Served with your choice of chile and calabacítas.
cundiyo (gf, v)
A stacked blue corn cheese and calabacítas enchilada accompanied with our vegetable and goat cheese tamale, rice, and frijoles de la olla.
A chile relleno, chicken taco, and red chile pork tamale are accompanied by rice and frijoles de la olla.


organic goat milk flan (gf)
Chef’s version of the traditional Spanish custard dessert topped with soft caramel.
stella’s natillas (gf)
Uniquely Northern New Mexican - a soft custard dish made with milk and eggs; flavored with vanilla bean and cinnamon.
elena’s sopas
We made the traditional bread, cheese, raisins, and nut pudding a little more unconventional by adding apples and a touch of brandy.
chocoflan cake
Chocolate cake and flan layers are drizzled with cajéta and nuts.
tres leches cake
Three kinds of milk make this simple white cake a decadent treat - garnished with fruit.
grandma tita’s pastelitos
Spiced apple filling between layers of flakey crust.
Adopted as the NM state cookie in 1989.
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